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A unique children's holiday

Nature and air, riding and communication with the horses, a tournament of 6 games, prizes and surprises, cake, music, parents' corner and much more.


In brief

Our children's birthdays are important for their happiness and growth. Every holiday should be special, memorable and different. We at Aurora Ranch understand this and put a lot of energy, variety, love and experience into the holidays we organize for your children. Find out more on the following pages.

Included activities

Horse riding

Every child will have the opportunity to get close to the noble horses. They can ride, brush their manes, take pictures or just be with them. The horses are calm, well trained and used to guests and children.


Trampoline jumping is not only a fun activity but also useful for your child. It helps develop coordination, motor skills and improve posture. But most importantly, it's fun.

Archery - bow and arrow

All young and old participants will have the opportunity to learn interesting facts about this ancient activity and test their skills and coordination on our targets. An exciting activity.

Tournament with games

Children will engage in a fun tournament with games, at the end of which results will be announced and prizes will be awarded:

  • Team challenge with colorful balls
  • Magnetic fishing
  • Kids petank
  • The flying horse shoes
  • The game Angry Birds

Additional services

We can assist you with your celebration by:

Unique cakes: We work with experienced local confectioners who offer a variety of cakes - fruit, chocolate, fondant or cream. Each cake can have an inscription and a different theme.

Catering: We can prepare the table for the children to include: Pizza by the slice; Pancakes - sweets; Plate with salty and sweet; Juices and soft drinks (water included).

See more photos on social networks and videos on Youtube:

Feedback from parents

5.00 out of 5

Mariya Doreva / 16-08-2021

Exceeded our expectations! The children spent a wonderful day in nature, among the animals, with a full program of games, gifts, food, for a whole 4 hours. We recommend.

5.00 out of 5

Valentin Atanasov / 10-07-2021

Congratulations. Unique. For a child to be able to take friends among horses, with games, tournaments, gifts, to be able to run and be happy at will, to communicate with animals and for us parents not to think about it for half a day, is priceless.

5.00 out of 5

Margarita Dogandjiyska / 24-11-2021

Even though the kids were born in one of the colder months, it was their best birthday yet in my opinion and theirs. The emotion was incredible, the fun too, the attitude and everything else was at a very high level. I recommend!

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