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Routes up to 2 hrs.

50 minutes

Riding to the panoramic view at Varo

A beautiful forest road will lead us to wide undulating meadows, where there is a high probability of meeting a local shepherd with his herd of animals grazing near him. The views are breathtaking and the return route passes through beautiful woods, hidden glades and fascinating countryside.

Duration: 50 minutes

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2.5 hours

Riding to the breathtaking Bula Peak

One of the most famous peaks in the area is the panoramic Bula peak because of its almost 300 degree view of the Iskar Gorge, the village of Zasele and all the surrounding mountains. The views are unique while easily reachable on a horseback.

Duration: 2.5 hours

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2 hours

Horseback ride to Skaklya waterfall

You can go on the back of a horse along the winding eco-path to the Skaklya waterfall, passing by unique views of the gorge and collecting lasting and unique riding sensations.

Duration: 2:00 hours

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1.5 hours

Riding to the Hunters Ridge

Some of the most beautiful spots in the area were known only to hunters willing to traverse unimaginable terrain to find the spot with the best view of the woods and meadows. One such place is now accessible by horse and captures the imagination!

Duration: 1:30 hours

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Trips up to 5 hrs.

4.5 hours

On the way to Mount Grohoten

Various legends cover one of the most famous peaks in the town of Svoge – Grohoten peak. One of the legends says that there was a fortress on it, which was captured by cunning in the 10th century. Riders will see the mountain ridge where the fortress is supposed to have been, the beautiful panoramic view over Svoge, we will ride the hunting fields behind Grohoten and much more in the area.

Duration: 4.5 hours

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3 hours

Riding to the votive crosses of St. Mother of God

People traditionally place stone votive crosses in honor of saints in beautiful places where they gather once a year to celebrate the saint's feast, life and health. One such place is the Two Crosses of the Virgin. A place with beautiful views, fresh air and a special shelter for hungry riders. After a short rest, we return to the base again.

Duration: 3:00 hours

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5 hours

Adventure to Elata Cave

This is a unique combination between riding in nature, unique views, picnic rest and reaching the famous Elata cave, where you can organize abseiling for beginners and explore the beauties of the cave.

Duration: 5 hours

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3.5 hours

Passage to the Stolo rock phenomenon

Stolo rises to a height of about 1340 meters and is an interesting rock crown, striated with transverse lines and split vertically as if cut by a knife. The shape is inscrutable, but extremely intriguing. And the road to the rock formation is full of wonderful places and views.

Duration: 3:30 hours

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Trips above 1 day

2 days

Horse ride to the raspberry paradise Trastenaya

The road passes through incredible views of the Iskar gorge, mountains, rivers, lakes and nature. Trastenaya Hut is famous for its raspberry plantations and the production of raspberry wine. We couldn't leave without trying a glass each.

Duration: 2 days of 4-5 hours ride

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2 days

„From the waterfall to the monastery in 2 days“

The transition "From the waterfall to the monastery in 2 days" begins with the locations Zasele - Bov - Monastery "Seven thrones". We will visit unique places of beauty along the way and spend the night near the monastery. Includes a visit to the Skaklya waterfall, a meal with pure organic products and unique views. Continuation the next day from the Seven Thrones Monastery - Cerovo - Zasele.

Duration: 2 days of 4 to 6 hours of riding.

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3 days

"The Lakatnik Rocks from the Back of a Horse"

The hike "Lakatnik rocks from the back of a horse" starts from Zasele with an overnight stay in a selected traditional house, bungalow or hotel. Next is the transition Zasele – Lakatnik – Trastenaya Hut. The next day we can also visit the Seven Thrones Monastery, as well as several of the panoramic peaks in the area. Overnight in the hut and the next day we finish with Trastenaya Hut - Zelen - Zasele.

Duration: 2 or 3 days up to 4 - 6 hours of riding

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More than 1 day

"Individual transition for everyone"

Based on the number of days you have set aside for your adventure and the expected hours of riding per day, we can build the best, most interesting and suitable route for both you and the horses. You can search us for options.

Duration: Optionally from 1 to 6 days

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Pricelist of "Ranch Aurora"

Prices for the different types of treks and routes
Type of service Duration Level Price
Trips up to 1 hour 40-50 minutes Beginners 50 лв./trip
Trips up to 2 hours 1.5 hours Beginners/Advanced 70 лв./trip
Trips up to 4 hours Around 4 hours Beginners/Advanced 140 лв./trip
Trips above 1 day From 1 to 4 days Beginners/Advanced 150 лв./day
Individual trips Negotiable Beginners/Advanced Negotiable