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In brief about the location as a choice for your event

  • Rancho Aurora is 50 km away. from Sofia in the heart of Stara Planina, in a very clean and beautiful area of Bulgaria.
  • The ranch is reached by a good asphalt road and there is a place to park cars, buses and coaches.
  • The ranch has wide lawns, groves with a hammock area, its own lake, level areas - riding stables, a place to set up tents, nice toilets, its own stable with 20 horses and much more.
  • Near the base is the Skaklya waterfall, the Ivan Vazov eco trail, a paintball field, restaurants and rest stations.
  • We can offer for your event not only the use of areas and all the adjacent amenities, but also the complete organization of team building games and activities, catering, equipment and others.
  • We are ready to answer your questions or to you welcome on site.

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Our main amenities

What will be available to you if you organize your event with us?


Spacious green areas

At your disposal are over 25 acres of well-maintained green space with wonderful views of our own lake, nearby mountains and groves. There is space for activities, catering and marquees and much more


Own lake

Whether you want to incorporate it into activities, want guests to relax by the lake, or want it to be a beautiful backdrop to anything you host, a mountain pond is a wonderful addition to the grounds you've chosen for your event.


Hammock and other areas

The territory of the ranch is divided into different zones for maximum convenience and variety. We have a grove with a "Hammock Zone", a suitable meadow which is our "Party Zone", we have a "Relax Zone" around the lake, a children's corner if the event is a family holiday and much more.


Stables, maneges and others

On the territory of the ranch there are leveled areas suitable for activities, as well as for placing tents, a stage or other facilities. We have a stable with a mini museum, paddocks, gazebos and others to create coziness, amenities and potential for activities - horse riding, treasure hunting and others.


Tents and facilities

We can provide 3 by 3 meter marquees for your event, in case of worse weather or excessive sun. We can provide rechargeable microphone speakers as well as any other rental equipment you need for a well organized event


Beerfest tables and benches

We have several sets of beerfest tables and benches for the convenience of guests, as well as for organizing catering and more. We can assist with the hire of additional sets depending on the need and your event ideas.


Toilets, electricity and water

At the disposal of all participants are 3 well-equipped toilets, running water, electricity from our solar system and generators, indoor spaces and more to provide everything necessary for a comfortable event.


Children's Kingdom

In case you are organizing a family holiday or there will be children at your event, they will also be able to take advantage of the special area for them with a trampoline, games, spaces to run and many other wonderful things for children.

Possible activities at the Ranch

If you want us to organize activities for you, we will be more than happy to do so. Here are some of the things we can do for you

Team Building

Teambuilding activities

We can organize a variety of games for you to bring the team together, entertain them and provide unforgettable and lasting memories. Everything from "Hunting treasures and legends", through games such as "Pre-Bulgarian fighters", "Bulgarian traditions" to construction programs such as "Creating a Bulgarian village".

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We can offer an introduction to the horses, photos with them, various communication exercises and, of course, horseback riding. We have at our disposal 16 horses, experienced instructors, suitable equipment and everything necessary to include these noble animals in the best way in your holiday.

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On site we can organize archery, spear throwing and even mock sword and shield fights. We will provide professional instruction and all the necessary equipment to immerse yourself in these activities.

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Offroad with UAZ van and Hunter

Want an activity with a little more adrenaline? We can provide a walk in the surrounding area with our off-road vehicles - a UAZ van or a UAZ Hunter. Our experienced drivers will provide an exciting experience for you and your team or guests.

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Team Building

Wine bottling

We can offer you all the equipment you need for a unique session of wine tasting, wine selection, bottling and labeling so that everyone is delighted with what they have experienced and learned, taking home a bottle of wine as a gift.

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Team Building

Life like in the village

There is a reason why rural tourism is so semi-popular. People are burning with a desire to return to their ancestors or to return to the village again with grandparents by visiting a real country house with its animals and farms, tasks and cares and way of life.

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Culinary challenges

Try everything our region has to offer - from home-grown fruit and vegetables, through home-grown milk, cheese and butter to home-grown eggs and much more. All these ingredients can be combined into wonderful and healthy feasts that will have a completely different spirit and taste than those made with ingredients from the big supermarkets.

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Team Building


We have all the conditions to continue your celebration even in the darker hours of the day with a campfire, fireside stories, camping and other evening activities.

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Look at one unique event, filled with positive emotions, advantages and happinness for our clients who chose Ranch Aurora as their event venue. You are welcome!

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Our strengths


A unique location among mountains, waterfalls, forests and fields.


A variety of activity opportunities.


Professional team of coaches, moderators and presenters.


Carefully selected and well trained horses for each rider.


Quality of service and attention to customers are most important.


We have something for every guest, nature and animal lover.

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