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A unique opportunity to capture a special moment for you

Your dream of uniquely beautiful photos with the noble animal - the horse, surrounded beautiful nature, hay bales, dressed in special folk costumes or warrior's clothes, can now be a reality. The horses are well trained and calm, the props and ideas rich, the photographers professional. Everything is ready.

In brief

We work with some of the best horse photoshoot photographers, we have well trained and attentive animals, we provide props and decorations and of course we are in a unique location. Whether you want a photo session for yourself, for a gift, for the family, for a birthday, for a wedding or for any other occasion, we have everything to create shots from a fabulous reality.

What we include:

Beautiful and well-trained animals for the photos - horses, dogs and a cat

Views of mountains, fields, hay bales and more

Professional capture and processing

Props and decorations such as:

  • Traditional Bulgarian costumes (on request)
  • Anciant Bulgarian clothes
  • Flowers and wreaths
  • Bows, spears, swords and shields
  • Decorations for the horses
  • Many more

Check out sample photos