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Bring your teams together among the beauty, nature and cleanliness of Stara Planina, only 50 km away from the capital Sofia in the village of Zasele, municipality of Svoge. Communicate with each other and with the horses, take on our challenges, eat and drink together and work in the office will never be the same!


In brief

A well-organized team building event can significantly improve team dynamics, break the ice, entertain and create lasting positive memories that will greatly help interpersonal work. What matters is the place you choose, the activities involved and the team that organizes it. We work with the best in the industry, namely, companyAmaze Corporate Events ( Together, we offer you a unique experience for you and your team amidst the beauty and cleanliness of the area, with a well-chosen and organized program, activities, horses, awards and many other elements to turn the event into a spectacular success.

Included activities

Psychology of the horse and herd

We can include both pure horse work and riding, as well as an abundance of exercises that teach people to communicate with each other through the metaphor of communicating with horses and their herd dynamics. Teams have the opportunity to guide the horse through a number of obstacles, learning its logic of thinking and reactions and realizing how similar or different human reactions can be in different situations. Besides being fun and unique, this experience is also very educational.

Active sports games

We can organize games such as "Treasure Hunt", "Indiana Jones Track", "Sports Olympiad" and many others that make the most of the possibilities of the field and the surroundings. For more ideas and details about possible programs, check out the site of our partners Amaze Corporate Events (

Additional activities

During free time from games, participants can shoot archery, jump on a trampoline, pick herbs and other interesting activities.

Additional services

To make your team building experience complete, we can organize the following additional services:

  • Catering
  • Tents and picnic equipment
  • Photographer and/or videographer
  • Drone photography
  • Artists and others
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